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Ethan Learning to Kiss while Spooning with Milo

Ethan Learning to Kiss while Spooning with Milo


GPOYW Hugging Edition


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Things I am thankful for…

Conor and Ethan

My puppy, even though he really isn’t a puppy anymore…and his green sweater


Friends, new and old and family ones =)

My healthy 


My jogging stroller


Being able to stay with Ethan (most of the time) 


Probably lots more things but I am tired and being distracted by texting Erin



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Cloth Diapers

I just bought some! I don’t know what I was thinking!?! I guess it was a combination of Ethan having a horrible rash, feeling the need to be green and seeing how easy they are on my neighbors little boy. Plus I know lots of people who use them and love them. I only bought three so they won’t be my only diapers but I figured if he wears them while we are home that will still save us TONS! It is a small step but a step none the less. I can’t wait til they get here!

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My house is extremely deceiving. When someone walks in, it is extremely clean. I rarely have dishes in the sink, I vacuum the living room every day and the toys are picked up each time Ethan naps. All of the things  you can see from the door. Once you turn the hall though, the doors are always shut. One would think it is because I have a small son who shouldn’t go into those rooms without an adult. That may be true and that is the story I tell BUT the rooms are disastrous! Sure, the bathroom is clean because an unexpected guest may randomly need to use that bathroom but Ethans room is piled with toys and folded laundry that have been folded long enough he has probably outgrown them. Then there is our master bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom has paths of cleaned off carpet so we don’t trip but the clean clothes are by the door and the dirty ones are strewn about. Every weekend I do clean everything up, with my husbands help, but it always makes it way back to dirty by the next Friday. It is all just a fancy illusion that I keep everything clean but I guess it was my little secret =)

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Last night, there was some sort of hold up on my street. The verdict is still out on what actually happened but 4 men ended up being arrested. One minute I was talking to Joelo and the next minute I was locking my doors, turning off my lights and crying in the hall with my puppy. I saw at least 25 cops with guns, 5 of them actually took shelter in my carport and covered porch. I had no idea what was going on and to this very minute I still have no idea what actually happened. I do know that my neighbor, whose house the event took place at, has yet to return.

While I was sitting in the hall I began to ponder what I would do if Conor would have been with the fleet. The answer: The exact same thing I did do.

See, I made a huge deal about calling Conor and I wanted to talk to Conor and such but the truth is; there is nothing Conor could have done. The entire neighborhood was barricaded and he was miles away.

I had to be brave and lock my door.

I had to be brave and turn off the lights. 

I had to be brave and talk to the officers.

I had to be brave and scoop my son out of bed so we could run out of the house if we needed to.

I had to be brave and take cover with Milo and Ethan in the hall.

I had to be brave and lay Ethan back down (hardest part) when the clear call was given.

I had to be brave and make myself go to sleep that night.

I had to be brave and, although I cried alot, I was.

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For a long time, I couldn’t decide what kind of blog this was going to be. I wasn’t sure if I should say who my husband and son were, etc but after trying to write using sayings like “my son” 20 times, I thought you all needed to know my son was Ethan. He is 8 months old and into everything. Ethan really enjoys playing with my dog, Milo. Milo is 1 1/2 year old Toy Fox Terrier, he is about 18 pounds and extremely hyper. Both Ethan and Milo enjoy spending time with my husband,( as do I) Conor. Conor is ridiculously busy at NNPTC, which is his NAVY Nuke School. We live in Goose Creek, SC which is just north of Charleston. Who am I? I am Amanda and I am 23. I nanny 2 little boys with Ethan. I have my degree in Elementary Education and hope to have a classroom next fall. I do love to teach but I really love to bake. I want to open a bakery with one of my best friends, Nancy. Anyway, I think that is enough for now. I’ll add more later!

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Currently it is snowing there and I am jealous.


Only a little though.

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