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In 2009…

…I would like to:

Run the entire 2 miles around my neighborhood

Get my own classroom

Try new fruits and veggies

Go to Palo Duro, Dubuque and Lincoln

Eat at Paula Deens Restaurant in Savannah 

Volunteer at least twice for the Navy Relief

Think about some family planning =)


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I don’t know why but I just can’t shake this feeling. Ever since we found out Andy is in the hospital I can’t shake it from my head. I can’t get the image of him laying in his bed on the ventilator out of  my head. I keep getting chills every time I think about how cold he was. I know there is a HUGE chance he will be just fine, those images are haunting me.

I think back to Grant dying earlier this year and how I vowed to make the most of each day. I am now forced to reflect if I have made good on that promise…and I don’t really know how I have done. I like to think I am a fairly positive person to be around and I do try to help as many people as possible.

The issue that keeps playing in my head is Conor and I mentioned inviting Andy over for dinner at least 10 times, I even suggested him coming over for Christmas Eve dinner but we never once actually called him. I invited him at graduation but his parents were coming to town but other than that we never extended an invitation. I cried to Conor last night because I feel we talk about doing things all the time but we never actually do them. It is too late to invite Andy over now but there are still tons of guys we know who would genuinely enjoy a home cooked meal. The quote “the smallest good deed is better than the biggest intention” keeps running through my head today. 

I don’t know how to get out of this funk but the past 40 hours have been too upsetting and I need to move on. The fact that I am dwelling on this is taking away from my living life to the fullest motto I am trying to embrace and that too is frustrating. I am hoping tomorrow when I wake up, I will have slept off these feelings and just enjoy the day with my family.

Sorry if this is so random, I started out with a great drive but my neighbors are currently having some extremely loud and unrhythmic sex and it is extremely distracting!

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I am finished with my 42 hours of work in the past 4 days! I am sooooo exhausted but just can’t sleep! My life has been so hectic and my house is a pit. As if that wasn’t enough I picked this morning to be the day to “get in shape”, WTF was I thinking?! I have done like 100 crunches and leg lifts plus my standard 2 mile walk this morning, lifting Zach and Ethan down the stairs and chasing them (and Ayden) around the house, up the stairs and to the park twice. I can already feel my abs hurting which doesn’t look to good for tomorrows productivity!

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Petty Officer

As of tomorrow at 7:00AM my husband will officially be a PETTY OFFICER IN THE UNITED STATES NAVY!! Wahoo him! He says it just like that which is why I typed it all out =) I’ll post a picture of him in the wonderful dress blues with the new patch tomorrow!

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Mom of the Year

I will definitely not be winning mother of the year with this picture. I wash this bone all the time but I can’t help that it is a favorite of both Ethan and Milo. I guess it is a good thing that it is currently stuck under the stove.

Ethan and Milo

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I found a great way for Ethan to meet Santa without being terrified =)

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I love Shia…

My husband does not…

Erin found the perfect shirt…

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