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I am 2 steps away from being a Certified South Carolina Teacher! I just need to submit my fingerprints and pay 125 dollars! I am pretty excited! I don’t know if I am going to teach or not next year but at least I have options!!


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My Manda!

Today at lunch Ayden was gobbling down his ravioli so he could get a popsicle when he suddenly dropped the spoon and spilled sauce down the front of his shirt and jeans. I grabbed a napkin a wiped up a majority of the sauce and told him to continue eating his lunch. His response was completely serious: “Look at me my Manda! I am a mess! A complete disaster! ” I almost peed laughing!

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So the other day while I was looking at the limited selection of boys clothes on the clearance rack at Carters, I stumbled across the most adorable coat. (Pictured below) I picked one up for Ethan and decided it would be absolutely perfect for Palo Duro. When we got home, I tried it on him and decided it was one of the cutest articles of clothing in his wardrobe. Then I got to thinking about it and decided that my nephew, Aidan, would look absolutely adorable in one as well! So today, I went back to Carters and got them matching coats. I couldn’t keep it a surprise so I texted Erin…I can’t wait to see them match!  I pretty much can’t wait to see them  in general. I haven’t seen Aidan and Moira in so long! I know we have gone longer stretches without seeing family but they change so much. I just printed pictures of all of Ethans’ cousins so we could start pointing them out so I think that is why our Texas family is on my mind tonight =)



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10 months

I can’t believe my baby is 10 months old!!! 

I miss when he was tiny and wrinkly. I miss when he would snuggle up with me in bed and just coo while staring at the ceiling fan. (he had a fairly large obsession with them)

I am not complaining though, I love my walking, babbling, destructive, healthy, absolutely adorable baby boy more than anything in the whole planet!

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I love…

…the fact that we have free HBO in our bedroom. I guess I will definitely be staying current with this season of Big Love =)

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(Conor is going to kill me for this)

After watching a commercial for SoyJoy Bars at like 11:00 last night…

Conor: What is soy? Where does it come from?

Me: Beans…

Conor: What kind of beans?

Me: (Completely bewildered that Conor is actually having a moment) (Slowly) Soybeans

Conor: (Silent for a few seconds) SHIT! 


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Palo Duro Years Past

I was trying to find more but Ethan is screaming….

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