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Is it really that hard?

To give your kid cheerios  instead of jelly beans?

To make rules for your children to follow?

To set bedtimes?

To call people back?

To give your kid juice instead of soda?

To remember the chicken?!

To go on classic dates without asking?

To talk without over imposing a viewpoint?

To do what you’re asked without being reminded 27 times?


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I am so excited because Ethan is finally drinking 4 glasses of milk a day! 

I only nurse him at night now, wahoo!! I am going to do that until Palo Duro (I think it might help him fall asleep) and then I am done breastfeeding! 

At first he wouldn’t drink milk at all and now all of a sudden he loves it!


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Getting your ear cleaned out hurts.



A bucket ton.

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I seriously have a problem over thinking things. 

I tend to let my imagination go crazy over stupid things. I ponder what other people will think and what they would want me to do. 

This past week I let over thinking stop me from helping a friend who seriously needed it…and I knew it…

So my lovely neighbor had an ADORABLE baby last friday (the 13th) and I had been dying to see him! I had been antsy to meet him and just hold a new baby! I was excited to see them pull in on Monday but obviously didn’t want to crowd them with their new arrival. The dad came over to get the mail and assured me when the mom was up for visitors they would call. I waited for that call…for 3 days. I then began to wonder why they hadn’t called. They had no family or friends visiting yet. I had seen glimpses of the dad and he always seemed exhausted but I knew that was to be expected. I still wanted to meet that baby though!

Day 4 of them being home I finally decided to call. No answer. 

I left a message of encouragement and resisted the urge to beg them to let me in. 

Day 5 I randomly missed her call. Her voice sounded of exhaustion and perhaps a bit of frustration or hestitation. She assured me they were fine but that their baby had been crying. Again, she told me she would call when she was up for visitors. The message worried me. 

I am pretty sure most people would have walked the 12 feet between our houses and asked if they needed me. No me. I was sure they didn’t want company. BUT I couldn’t think of anything else. I consulted family and friends, they assured me that I was over thinking things and the mom most definitely needed help.

Day 7: I woke up, again still thinking of the voicemail. I decided I needed a good excuse to possibly wake up a sleeping baby, freak out the dogs and aggravate the parents. My solution…Chicken Tettrizini. Everyone loves it…right?

I made 2 batches (I had to make myself some…for courage) and packaged it up. 

Then it sat on my counter…

Eventually Katie came over to play with Ethan and a surge of courage came over me. I asked her to watch Ethan and I went over. I was surprisingly greeted with a grateful dad and a very upset baby…who has more hair than my 11 month old.

I won’t get in to everything but lets just say I should have gone over on day 2 or 3. I wouldn’t have been annoying and I actually know I would have been very appreciated.  I didn’t do anything life saving or anything but it is always nice to help. I am sure they loved the Chicken Tettrizini but I know the encouragement and praise I gave these new parents will keep them going through a few more sleepless nights. 

I get frustrated in the fact that I let my crazy imagination go nuts and it prevented me from helping a friend. This is not the first time this has happened and while I do not think it will be the last, it is definitely something I am going to work on.

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I just spent 3 hours on Skype with Liz and it was fantastic! She  got a webcam and I talked her through downloading Skype, looking me up and finally we saw each other! I haven’t seen her since October and it was so much fun. She saw Ethan walk, laugh and try to talk on my phone. Then she caved and she showed him all his birthday presents she is going to mail him this week (like he will remember, lol) I think she just wanted to show me!  Anyway, after I put Ethan to bed, I gave Liz a tour of my house before plugging the computer in in our room. I then spent the next couple hours showing Liz hair styles (she was talking me through some new ones!) and the outfit I wore to the job fair today. She showed me her new shoes and a collage she made. We ate a snack and it just felt like I was hanging out with her in person. I feel so energized after just hanging out even though we were thousands of miles apart!

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This weekend…

I plan on taking a nap! I have had one of my busiest weeks it seems plus I have a cold I just can’t shake. I am pretty sure that if I could get more than 6 1/2 hours of sleep it would be just what I need! I have the weekend off plus Conor is going camping (its the last opportunity he has before he has TAC hours!) with Burgert. Saturday, I have the job fair in the AM then Meghan has work and a date. Ethan and I will have the house to ourselves and I plan on napping!!  My white board, where I write everything I need to do, is super full of things I would LIKE to get done but the only required thing is me getting 90 minutes of shut eye =)

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I have no idea why I am so tired lately! I am certain my most recent need for a nap is stemming from a certain someone who messed hardcore with my emotions =) It may have only been for 5 minutes but I think it sucked the rest of my energy for the day away!!!!! (Just you wait….mmuuuhahaha!!) I think I am going to crash out ridiculously early tonight because I have a VERY busy/long day tomorrow!

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