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*As the title of this post states this post is about my boobs. If you don’t want to read about them, stop reading =)

I have stopped breast-feeding for 5 days at this point and my boobs are obviously very engorged and very sore. Even though I had weened Ethan down to one feeding a day, I am still EXTREMELY full. Now for the reason behind my post…

Today I was watching Ayden and Zach, both very cuddly children, when Ayden came to snuggle up on my lap. He was trying to make himself comfortable and accidently hit my chest. I let out a yelp and told him that my chest hurt and he needed to be careful. Like most 3 year olds, I was given the follow up “why?”  Sharon, their mom, is pretty honest so I told him I was all done feeding Ethan so my body is a little confused right now resulting in “a sore chest. ” This is how I worded it to him. He seemed pretty satisfied with my answer, crawled off my lap and moved on to his next activity.  

About an hour later, Zach walked up to me. Before he could even walk up to me, Ayden yelled “Careful Zachy! My Manda’s Big Boobs are really sore!!” It totally caught me off guard but I couldn’t help but laugh! I told him Zachy didn’t really understand and assumed the conversation was over. Zach found his way onto my lap and then tried to lift up my shirt. He kept pointing to my chest, apparently I am not the only one who noticed the change in my chest =)


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Cute Quote

* I will post more later about our journey to Texas

Setting: Ethan Screaming and Aidan playing peek-a-boo. This clearly was not working so Aidan taps his fingers on his chin then thinks aloud “What do I do when Olivia won’t stop crying.” He thinks again for another minute before suggesting to Ethan “I can twirl you around and throw you on the bed!” I busted up and then told him that the air mattress might not be the best landing spot!!

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Happy Birthday Ethan!

It was exactly 365 days ago right now that I gave birth to Ethan. I remember everything like it was yesterday. I feel like I remember every single moment of every single day. I remember the beginning days where I would just sit in awe of this amazing human we had created. He would wiggle his fingers and Conor and I would grin, knowing he could wiggle his fingers. I loved how my entire family would just sit and stare at him. I vividly remember Trey waiting almost 6 weeks before he would hold Ethan because he was certain he would break him. 

As the newness of the newborn wore off, we began watching him stretch and try to roll over. He LOVED laying on his stomach and playing in the bathtub. We moved to Dubuque and he learned to watch SportsCenter with my brothers and the History Channel with my dad.  My family tried all summer to teach him to crawl, a skill he finally mastered about 2 weeks after arriving in South Carolina. 

With crawling came exploring. He loved discovering places and chasing after his very best friend, Milo. His cuddles became less frequent and had to be accompied by his beloved green blankie. Ethan was fascinated by blocks, balls and anything on Conor’s uniform. 

Right after Christmas, Ethan started walking. He seemed to be flying through all kinds of phases in life. I would watch him and wonder where the time went. He is currently running around the house, playing puzzles and he is obsessed with the outdoors. I see so much of Conor in him; his love of the outdoors and he is so intrigued by EVERYTHING. Sometimes when I look at him, his face mirrors Conor’s expressions.   

Ethan has changed my life in so many  ways and I am thankful everyday for him. Today (while I am flying to Texas) I am going to celebrate him while thinking of the past year and how  much joy it as brought me! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!

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So Conor has been sick since Sunday. They thought he had mono but thankfully that came back negative. I thought he had strep since he normally smells bad when he has strep (prolly TMI, but I really don’t care!) So I diagnoised him with Strep and told him to stay away from Ethan and I, ESPECIALLY since we had this upcoming trip!  He did a fairly good job but they never actually confirmed my diagnoisis because apparently they lost the throat swab. I am VERY familar with the strep test and I am also aware that it take 90 seconds for a preliminary result to appear on the little tab test they run. *( My mom is in charge of ENT, she has agreed with all this info) For some reason, they told Conor it would take 2 days for the results (plus the one day they lost the swab)  It is now almost Friday, we have no diagnosis, no antibiotics and as of 4:05 Ethan has a fever of 102.6. I am still staying fairly optimistic that I will get into the doctor today, start the meds STAT and then continue to enjoy our trip!  I really think this could have been avoided if the Active Duty doctors could have slightly coordinated their shit and put Conor on medicine therefore he would not have passed on the illness to Ethan and probably me!

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RIP Conlon

Conlon was Liz’s 16 year old cousin. He recently passed away and his family is obviously extremely upset by this. I remember babysitting him and his little sister with Liz. He also used to hang out with my brother, Ben, on the river. I cannot imagine loosing a child so young and my thoughts and prayers are with Liz and her family tonight and tomorrow during the service. 

His Obituary 

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I am sooooo nervous about flying with Ethan on Friday!  Really, I think I am nervous about the whole damn trip!  I am scared he is going to scream on the plane, on the drive to Palo Duro, while walking around the campsite, at night when he is supposed to be sleeping, on the drive home from Palo Duro and on the flight home. 

I am very aware of the concept of ‘the child will only be as calm as you are’ but seriously how calm am I expected to be at 6:00 in the morning going through security with a back pack, stroller and crabby 1 year old?! 

My plan: Frosted Mini Wheats….and puffs, wagon wheels, string cheese and whatever else random food that finds its way into the backpack! Food keeps Ethan quiet and while I normally cut him off at a certain point, this week is going to be the exception. I also have some top secret new toys that I plan on busting out in the airport and perhaps a little Benadryl!

Not that all my travels aren’t enough to worry about I must also worry about Conor, who has TWO tests while we are gone and Milo, who is currently not eating.

I am sure when I am sitting in the kick butt tent in Palo Duro I will  forget all of this and just be at peace…until Ethan starts screaming again =)

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Birthday Week

Some how in college it became some sort of running joke that I received a birthday week instead of the standard 24 hour celebration. I don’t know if it was because I was the youngest so it was always a big deal that I was finally their age. It doesn’t matter really why I get a whole week but Conor and my other friends have continued in giving me a week. I don’t really get presents all week but it is just fun to say “It’s my birthday week bitches!” lol!  


Yesterday was Ethan’s birthday party and it coincidentally was one week before his birthday, hence his first birthday week! Conor thought it was funny and now says I have passed the week on to Ethan. I don’t really think I passed on the week, I think I just gave him one too! 


I’ll post the awesome pictures sometime soon or you can check them out on facebook!

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