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The Hairbrush

I, personally, am not a hairbrush kind of person. When I was a freshman in college my cousin, Becky, drilled it in my head that brushes were TERRIBLE for long hair and heavy duty combs were the way to go. Needless to say, I don’t use a brush. I have this fancy one she tried to teach me how to flip my hair our; it is round and extremely painful! 

Conor, however, uses one EVERY SINGLE DAY! He seriously has no hair, thanks to military regulations, his hair definitely doesn’t need a brush. He loves his brush and is super dramatic when he brushes his hair about how good it feels. It is not like he has an tangles to brush through!! He at the very least makes this “Ahhhh, sigh” noise…probably more than any of you wanted to know but you relatives of his know he does this!

Anyway, this morning while I was unloading the dishwasher, I hear this “ahhhh” sound coming from the hall. I walk down the hall and there is Ethan brushing all 17 hairs with the super painful rolly brush! He was letting out the Conor “Ahhh” and smiling.  He then proceded to brush out the tangles on the couch, Milo (I saved him pretty quickly)and his Police Car while making that hilarious sound!

Like father, like son I suppose!


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My boys

The beach

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            Lately I have found myself staying awake far too late at night reading blogs about people I have never met. I tend to “click, click, try to find an awesome blog” as I told my sister in law. She seems to “click, click, awesome blog” while I “click, click, cry my eyes out.” I really noticed that EVERYTHING I have been reading late has been sad. I recently read about the beloved Maddie and have been following Matt for quite some time. I have read about a 4 month old who passed away and a dad who finally lost a 12 year battle with pancreatic cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I read happy blogs too. I frequent Erin, Abigail and The Pioneer Woman’s blogs and many more but I seem to be reading more of heartbreak lately.

            I can’t help but to feel so blessed with what I have been given and to remember that each day is a gift and it can be taken away at any time. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and beautiful son. They bring me a kind of joy I could never have imagined. They have made me a better person. I am so fortunate that Conor allows me to stay with Ethan during the day since the thought of leaving him in daycare sets off panic attacks. We struggle but it has become a priority for us and I am so thankful that he understands and supports me on that. Each day I thank God that Ethan is healthy and happy. He is smart and independent but still knows when I need some love!

            I am surrounded by a great support system of family and friends both near and far. I have a family who is compassionate, loving and supportive. I am thankful that I married into a family that loves me as their own and the fact that I finally got a sister! Many of my friends have no idea how much they mean to me. I would do anything for them and I am confident most of them feel the same way. Being apart of such an amazing community has really made become the woman that I am today. I know that if something were to ever happen to Conor, Ethan or myself, we would not be alone. I take great comfort in that fact.

            I am sure this post seems random but after reading so much sadness I really wanted to take the time and say thank you for being my friends. 

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Sweet Boy, I am sorry

I am so sorry, sweet Ethan, that it takes me longer than 3 seconds to fill your sippy cup.

I am sorry that your dinner does not come out of the oven cool enough to eat.

I am sorry I make you nap at least once a day which prevents you from melting down and banging your head on the floor repeatedly.

I am sorry I require you to wear shoes outside when running on the woodchips. 

I am sorry that you must be buckled into a carseat when we further than a block in the car (which is always), I know it is a huge inconvience.

I am sure there are millions of other things in your life that I should apologize for but you are sleeping and I have other things to do with my remaining 53 minutes of quiet=)

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Chocolate Egg

Family Tradition requires that a Russel Stovers Marshmallow Egg covered in Chocolate be place on each place setting for our Easter Dinner. This year was no exception and Ethan’s high chair was not skipped! After he completed seconds on ham, potatoes and corn, we offered the chocolate egg. He hasn’t had much chocolate but that definitely did not slow him down!

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Ethan has been throwing these completely horrific fits in the past 2 days! I seriously have no idea what has overcome this child but I am pretty sure I must have mixed him up with some naughty child at the airport!! I know of the ‘terrible twos’ but Ethan just turned one! Perhaps it is just because Conor is gone, because my mom just left, we are packing things up or just because he knows I need to laugh more! 

Laugh? Indeed. I had no idea what else to do. Let me tell you about one of these lovely fits, my favorite from yesterday. I am sure it will make you crack a smile.

Picture this:

Ethan walking around our Easter Egg scattered living room, looking for things he is not supposed to play with. Apparently he realized if he is determined enough he can reach the back of the couch cushion, a previously safe refuge for my phone. The phone was apparently snatched up before I could notice. After a few minutes and 2 phone calls to our neighbor, I realized the phone had been stolen. I asked for it back and then ‘viciously’ removed the cell phone from his hands. Apparently that act was close to murder. There was no whimper or tears, just one high pitched squeal!  It wasn’t really screechy as it was ‘let me let out one loud sound and not breathe for what feels like 30 seconds.” After one or two of those lovely notifications of him being wicked pissed, he moves on to the head butting! As lovely as these are, I kindly told him to stop hitting his mother. His reply was to smash his head on the wood floor. 

I was very aware that some distraction was needed so I went of to the lovely cop car where he preceded to tip it over in rebellion of my wonderful idea. He started the run that helps adds momentum to his favorite head butting technique but instead of crashing into me he threw himself on the floor and kept smacking is hands on the floor. I decided there was nothing I could do from this point so I transfered him to his crib. On the way down the hall I held him away from my body to avoid unnessary bruising to my collar bone. This may have been my smartest move of the morning, as his teeth kept chomping towards me! He screamed hardcore in his bed for the next 15 minutes before calming down….until his next fit, 49 minutes later!

What happened to my baby!?

Today is looking better though, it is 9:30 and we only had a brief dispute over the amount of time the toaster is required to cook. Too long according to him!

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It was storming all day yesterday, so much that we broke the April Record in one day. I went to lunch at McAllisters with my mom, Zach and Ethan. On our way in I saw this woman huddled under this small cover smoking a cigarette with her infant baby. The baby couldn’t have been 3 months old, was uncovered and was clearly still getting wet. I was so mad and was relieved when some man took the baby inside. How selfish! That poor baby.

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