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I have been trying to purge some of the blurry, stupid, ridiculous pictures from my 9,101 photo collection.  Of course that means I must look at all of them =) I found some great pictures and I thought I share!!


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Growing up

Tonight, I was ironing Conor’s creases in his uniform and keep thinking that one year ago I would NEVER had considered doing any of this. After a spontanious cookout with Katie and her family, we went for a walk. The weather was perfect and aside from my clumsy baby falling a few times I had a perfect night. I saw Conor’s uniform and remembered he had to wear it tomorrow morning so I ironed the creases a  little sharper. While I was doing it, I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about how genuinely excited Conor would be when he saw how sharp it looked.I never would imagine Conor excited about ironing!!! 

My frazzled brain then continued on to think about the past 15 months and what now makes me so excited. A little over a week ago I posted about getting some new diapers for Ethan. My friend commented that it was sad that I was excited about diapers. For a seconds I felt dumb but then realized “No! I was excited” Ethan had been in pain for a while and motherhood has changed my priorities. 

In college, I would say that I was a paper procrastinating, alcohol drinking, running, Runza eating, scrap booking, Husker cheering, going out weekly, college kind of girl.

Now I am the Navy Wife, cloth diapering my baby, homemade baby food making, cooking for a sit down dinner, packing lunches for my hubby, running our finances, crafty nanny, board game playing, SUV driving, thriving on chaos, wine drinking kind of mama!

And I am very happy with my changes =)

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Ayden always says the best things! My favorite quote from yesterday:

” Miss Amanda, is today tomorrow?”

I can only imagine what Zachy and Ethan will say when they can talk!! They already “chat” and seem to understand exactly what they are saying!

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As many of you know, my mom’s best friend Tania is dying of pancreatic cancer. It has been a rather rapid decline in the past three months and to this day she is unresponsive. I am forever grateful that my brother, Chris, was able to fly me home to see her over Easter. While she was sick when I visited she still had her classic sense of humor while laying there. Tania is a larger lady, so it was clear she had been dropping some weight rather rapidly. I commented on it and she said, “I’m not ready to die. If I can loose another 25 pounds, it will save us $100.00 on my casket.”

To some people, that may be dark, but I found comfort in that remark. Tania hadn’t lost it yet. She was still quick and snappy. She no longer is snappy. She hasn’t gotten out of bed in a week and hasn’t had food in two. It is absolutely terrible to hear my mom talk about losing her best friend, watching a friend lose their spouse, children lose their mother and grandkids lose their grandma. 

Please keep them in your prayers for whatever lays ahead.

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I planned a surprise night out for Conor. He has had a terrible week and  has no idea about any of it!

Picnic = Free (other than standard grocery items)

Babysitter = Free

Movie Tickets (2 for 1!)=9 dollars

Total for a night out on the town = 9 dollars plus gas

Recharging Conors’ batteries after a terrible week = Priceless!!!

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Ethan and Olivia

Happy Birthday to my beautiful God Daughter Olivia! 

I can’t believe you are one already. 

I love you sooo much!


Aunt Amanda

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The Rash

The rash is worse. His tush is bleeding, lots. We are going to try the Aveeno Baby Rash Treatment before we try the Domeboro Astringent Solution. I know Ethan will HATE that so I am hoping that the cloth diapers and Aveeno help out! I haven’t been using the cloth except at night since I have been so busy working.

 I definitely notice that Ethan gets rashes when we use the Pampers and we already know he is allergic to Huggies, Target and CVS Brands. I was hoping that Pampers would last another 6-9 months until he gets potty trained but oh well! We decided we needed to buy a couple more diapers so even when I am busy Ethan doesn’t have to be in disposable diapers.  Thankfully, I randomly typed “cotton babies coupons” into google and I actually found a coupon for 5% off! That was random and very helpful. I know I will use these diapers with any future children but it is just hard to spend the money. 

OH! and because his butt has so many open sores, he screams when I use the wipes, even the sensitive ones, so I am using warm wash clothes until the rash is gone =(  Yippee! More laundry!

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