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Happy Birthday Brayden!

Over 10 months ago, I moved to Goose Creek and the invasion of random boys into my house began. I randomly fed guys home cooked meals knowing that the conversation and random facts about Conor would help me to void that homesick feeling I had been unable to shake. 

I don’t think I’ll forget meeting James or “Harper” as he referred to by literally everyone. He knew all about me, asking me questions about the schools in the area and genuinely appreciative of my chicken tetrazzini. Then Harper proceeded to tell me about Brayden, Ali (his mom), Bella and Ady (Brayden’s Sisters). He told me bits of Brayden, that could possibly have seizures, they didn’t know how long he would live and so on. Harper was your typical guy about, telling me about his son and then moving on to the next topic. He then asked me to do something very random, “text my fiance and tell her I love her.” What? Text a random person and tell her this random guy loves her. I did it. 

Then I facebook friended Ali and discovered Brayden’s Carepage website. It was amazing what this little boy had conquered and keep beating the odds. Then I started thinking about his family. His mom was still in Missouri, taking care of everyone.  I began messaging Ai back and forth and right around Christmas the moved to South Carolina. 

We met Brayden and you could tell his little boy had big personality, probably from watching his crazy sisters! He definitely has grown to be so much stronger in the 6 months we have know him here. He is learning to sit with help and even feed himself! 

He is so blessed to have a mom that didn’t give up on him and fought for her son, helping him make everyday count.  Ali has made it her mission to spread the word on his diagnosis of hydranencephaly, even creating a blog about the diagnosis. For his birthday, I know his mom would love it if you would spread the word, repost or retweet their blog! 

Happy Birthday Brayden! You are a very special boy!!!


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A few Letters

Dear Ethan,

Please stop breaking my clothespins. I have no idea where you keep finding them but I have no idea how to fix them so please stop! 

Love,  Mommy

PS You look 2 today, you will never wear that outfit again!

Dear Cable Man,

I have been dreading your arrival for 2 days now. A four hour time frame for your appearance is far too long and my anxiety only builds. I hope you don’t do your job correctly so I am left with 99 channels, for free, like all my neighbors.

Thanks, Impatient Customer.

Dear Milo,

Thank you for adjusting so well to your kennel. You are such a good dog but occasionally a whimper to remind me you are still in it, after a long day, would be helpful.

Love, Me

Dear Aidan and Moira,

You did a great job on you swim team this year. I am so happy you got to be on such a cool team! I wish I could have gone to a meet! I am so proud of you!

Love, Aunt Amanda

Dear Children’s Book Publishers,

Are there really no books with the main character named Aidan? I guess I will have to write one…I found plenty with my neices names! Thank you very little.

Love, Disgruntled Book Buyer

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The Baby Book

Sure, I have one. It is adorable; yellow and blue. I even have a specific pen reserved for only that book. The problem is I have only written in it one day since Ethan was born. I filled out all the fun, random facts about Conor and I before Ethan was born. Then, like every other parent can relate to, I was too busy to fill it out. 

I feel terrible thinking that Ethan will not be able to look back at his life in a book. I LOVE my baby book plus I used to scrapbook all the time! I have the week off and I already have more than enough supplies to make one so that is this weeks big project! I have plenty of other things to do but this is something I WANT to do! I can’t wait! I’ll show you when I am all done! Wish me luck!!

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Don’t mess with me!

While I am not an extremely aggressive person, lately I have felt the urge to stand up for things I believe. It started a while ago when a thirty-something year old fat  man knocked over my little Zach at the sprinkler park! The park is marked for 8 and under and jackass had a crew of middle schoolers running around behind him, sending toddlers running to their parents. Not only did the Tool knock over Zach, he didn’t help him up. This prompted me to run through the water to the upset 19 month old. Oh no  he didn’t! I picked up Zach and marched over to the teacher. (Yep, he was the middle school teacher, great example) I let him have it, warning him I would find out where he slept, taught and worked out…lol…if he messed with my kids, or any kids again. (He didn’t need to know that two of them weren’t really mine) He scoured on the bench until we left and thankfully put his shirt back on. It was a little win, one that left me on a high for days!

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The other day we were at our friend Burgerts house for dinner. It was nice to see Burgert say Grace before our meal. We sit down for dinner every night and always have this relatively awkward 3 seconds where Grace is supposed to go.

So tonight I did it.

I grabbed my boys hands and said I am thankful for them, specifically Conor on Fathers Day and our food. It was simple but it cut out 3 extra awkward seconds of our lives. Who needs awkward seconds?!

Conor asked if I got the idea from Burgert. I did. He says it wasn’t a bad idea so now thats what we are doing! I couldn’t help but think about the way my Aunt De says Grace at their house, to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it!” I told Conor and we both thought Ethan would like the clapping. I think it will be fun to watch Conor and Ethan clapping before dinner! 

OH! And the only TV show I can get Ethan to watch (not that I ever just put him in front of the TV…never) is Veggie Tales. I have a couple DVDs but my favorite one is Madame Blueberry (“I’m so blUUuuuuUUUuuue, BluUuUe! I’m so Blue I don’t know what to do…” Anyway, enough of my singing like a blueberry..) If I am going to watch 3 DVDs over and over again, they might as well be catchy. I have been looking all over but can’t find that DVD!  Well, Friday afternoon my Aunt De called to say she found and bought it for Ethan! She is going to be mailing it to us soon and I am so excited =) 

Wow, I haven’t seen any adult movies for weeks if not months but I am jumping out of my skin for this one. That’s okay, only 3 days til Transformers, not that I am counting or anything.

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Cloth Diapering

While I was blog hopping tonight I ran across this interesting spreadsheet on cloth diapers vs disposible from a mathematic standpoint. I found it at The Happy Housewife website (a fabulous site for commisary/NEX sales!) and thought I would pass it along!


Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers


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…has been teething FOREVER!! His molars have been working on coming through for weeks and now he also has the two teeth next to the front ones coming through on top. Yes, you counted correctly, the poor child has 6 teeth coming through. We have been going through lots of Tylenol…and wine.

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