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Okay, you can tell my point of view on Skype. I have always loved Skype because it let us show Shawn and Liz our sweet little boy only days old. I love Skype because it has allowed Ethan to recognize and talk to relatives he would only otherwise know in pictures. He knows his Mima and his Oma and can say their names from seeing them regularly. (He may think they live in Conors’ computer but thats a different stories) I love Skype because it allowed Liz to teach me a new way to style my hair. We talked for 4 ours that night…. I now have an even new found love for Skype.

My SIL Erin got it and a webcam so we can chat all the time! I am sure  most of you think I am exaggerating but I’m really not. Erin and I have been known to chat on the phone for HOURS at a time or have text conversations with a ridiculously number of texts. NOW I can SEE and HEAR not only Erin but Olivia, Aidan and Moira…and I suppose Angelo too =)

It is lots of fun to read flashcards with the Bigs and Olivia is getting pretty used to this whole Aunt Manda on a regular basis thing! It is pretty awesome that we can keep each other company while cleaning or cooking. I even ate dinner with them the other night! 

Anyway, if you don’t have it, GET IT! If you do, lets SKYPE!


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The Flu

The flu has rampaged through the little town of Goose Creek and even into Ladson. It actually started with a little girl from our playgroup. Apparently she got sick the day AFTER playgroup. Well Ethan got sick that Friday and everything went downhill from there… That weekend, Brad and Ayden got it. I woke up from a nap on Sunday half dead and was sooo sick through Tuesday morning. Sharon and Gryph got sick on Tuesday and now Katie has it. I hope Conor doesn’t get it. I kind of thing he would have already got it but who knows! Hopefully, everyone I know is on the recovery side of this nasty bug!!

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I would NEVER wash 7 loads of laundry and not fold it.

I would NEVER let my kid eat 20 mini Apple Zuchinni muffins in a 12  hour period.

I would NEVER put my child down for a nap without a diaper

I would NEVER leave the stove AND the sink on when I took Ethan outside to water the flowers.

I would NEVER let my child try brown sugar because I like it too.

I would NEVER use obsinities one the phone with the Comcast guy.

I would NEVER cuss in front of my ADORABLE niece, Olivia, when skyping with her mama!

I would NEVER look up plane tickets to fly to LA to kick some bastards ass, who cheated on my very bestest friend. 

I would NEVER do those things….EVER.

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Polka Anyone?

Does anyone else just want to head out to a random barn and twirl around to traditional polka with the guitar and accordian? 

The Czech culture is the norm back in Silvercreek, NE and today, when I heard some polka on the radio, I was taken back.  Flashes of my Grandpa Hebda listening to similar polkas on the way to church in Krokuv, NE. The station only spoke in Polish and to this day I wonder how much of it he understood.  Let me assure you 20 minutes to church is long enough but Polka, Polish and checking the fields along the way seems like an eternity, THEN we had to come home! Oh! Did I mention the songs at church were also sung in Polish? Try singing along to that!  

If you have ever danced a true polka and polka (this seems repetative and I can just imagine Katie busting up at all of this!) you would know how seriously exhausting they are. The steps aren’t too difficult and if you have a beloved 60 year old Pol’, as my grandpa would call himself, you don’t even realize how tired you are til you sit down! The people are fun, the beer is normally cheap and the food is AMAZING. And now I want to do visit the local dance hall and jam out to the sweet sound of the accordion. (Did I mention my cousin, Katrin, can play one? We are that polish!)

Anyway, lots of rambling about Polka. So I ask again, does anyone want to Polka with me?!

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Ethan LOVES Pesto!

We made Chicken Pesto the other night and Ethan gobbled it right up!


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11 (long) weeks

Wahoo! Conor graduates from Power School in 11 (long) weeks! He is starting to get antsy as we are both looking forward to Sept 23rd (I think that is the day!) when he graduates! It will be a big ceremony here on base, he will be in his dress whites, etc. I think the best part will be when they dismiss them, I believe around 11:00 that day. Conor will be on leave for a little over 2 weeks!! The thought of leave is just amazing! I know I have had some weeks off already this summer but Conor ALWAYS has to put in hours EVERY SINGLE DAY. It will be nice that he will have no responsiblity.

Conor has requested we go to Dubuque and possibly Nebraska for some of his leave. At first I was all about it…until I had images of Ethan in the car…for 3 days…with the dog. The scene quickly became ugly and then we would eventually have to drive home! The thoughts were stressful so I could only imagine how the drive/week would go.

I was talking to my mom about it and said it would be great if Ethan could fly. Slowly, the idea of Ethan flying with my dad became slightly more realistic. My dad is coming to the graduation anyway so they could fly together. The drive back to SC would only happen once, so it really could be a sweet deal for everyone. Here comes problem…are you ready?

I have never left Ethan for more than 5-6 hours. I don’t know if I could do days! Let alone, fly without me! What if something happened? I know, I know, the statistics. What if Ethan is terrible for my dad? Having 3-4 days with Conor sounds AMAZING and my mom would be waiting at the airport for them and they would undoubtably have a fantastic time, while Conor, Milo and I drive for 2 days. But he is my baby. I can’t imagine not being the one who puts him to bed and gets him  up the next morning! What if he misses me like crazy? What if I have forgotten how to function without my mini me?

UGH! It is 11 (long) weeks away so I have nothing to worry about just yet! First, we must concentrate on Conor passing Power School =)

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Conor has told people for years that I am the messy one in our relationship. I have always been one who likes controlled chaos. I am good in loud, messy situations but I also enjoy my house being picked up at the end of the night. I sleep better knowing I don’t have things to do in the morning. 

I would now like to provide some evidence to counter Conors’ argument about me being the messy one in our family. This is not a junk closet, it is not a closet that no one uses or only occasionally opens. This is his clothes closet. He uses it EVERYDAY! I have been offering to help him clean it for MONTHS and finally convinced Conor that today was the day we would find the floor. He is so proud of his new found closet, that he suggested I post this…for his mom to see. 

So, here you go Liz! =)





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