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Well, my home away from Goose Creek! We are heading to Dubuque tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10:45 and will be back to The Creek next Tuesday. I will be taking a break from the internet, except twitter. I’m sure I will be tweeting all sorts of fun things from our adventure back to the midwest. 

Expect to read things like:


“Finally! Hoodie Weather!

“@oneandonly_erin I saw______, I tried to take a picture but the camera phone made a noise. LOL”

I guess you will have to read more of my adventures on twitter OR wait til next week when I get back and fill you all in here!


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All Boy

Some people say that their child was an easy baby. Or a quiet baby. Or a calm baby. My child would not fall in any of those catergories. I should have known he was going to be crazy during my pregnancy. I even joked when I was on bedrest that he was alot of work and he wasn’t even out of me yet! He is, however, 100% boy. 

Boys like being as close to naked as possible…at all times. 


Boys LOVE chocolate milk…and so does his daddy!


Boys love laughing…


…and giving hugs to say “I’m sorry for stealing your toy for the 50th time today.” (Ethan is actually giving the hug…his hugs are leans. Z knows how to hug!)


Boys (especially this one!) love trains.


But most importantly, boys love dogs…


and their mamas!!!


He may not be easy, calm or quiet but I love him more than anything!!

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Sharon’s neighbor gave the boys this lovely, HUGE box. So Conor cut out lots of windows and door. We agreed the box would live in our living room for only one week. Conor just took it out to the trash. After looking at all the pictures, I am sure you can see why I am bummed that it is gone. At least I have my living room back!

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I have thyroiditis! According to my new, AMAZING, endocrinologist, I need to shout that from the roof tops. Ok, maybe not the rooftops. I don’t really do rooftops, I tend to leave that to Conor. Moving on, I had an appointment on Wednesday with Dr. Amazing and he really knew what he was talking about. I guess he should, being a doctor and all. He taught the endocrine system at the University of Maryland Medical School for 35 years before opening up his own practice in Charleston. I have no idea how I remembered this all but I take it as a good sign….too bad I can’t remember his actual name! 

ANYWAY, I walked in the fancy looking office and there were no other patients. The receptionist asked if I was Amanda and she handed me the standard clipboard of information. The doctor came out and started chatting with the receptionist and I while I finished up. Once I was finished, I went in the room and we just sat on the couch and loveseat in the room. We basically talked about family history and thyroid diseases for a good 20 minutes. I was amazing how many symptoms I had been feeling but hadn’t really related to my thyroid. 

Dr. Amazing told me his goal was to arm me with as much knowledge as possible so when I move from place to place, I would know what tests to request and how often to get blood work and ultrasounds taken. I really felt empowered after the discussion. We chatted about flair ups and a resting thyroid. He also put me on synthroid(?) to keep my thyroid at rest and to help during flair ups, like my current one. Basically, he is helping to keep one level of thyroid in my body. 

The receptionist, who gave me the first months sample, was rather commical when she was telling me how to take the synthroid. “Every morning, for the rest of your life, you are going to turn off your alarm and grab your pill. Take it with water and NOTHING else. After thirty minues, you can do whatever  you want with the rest of your day.

I go back in 4 weeks to make sure the dosage is working for my body. I like knowing what I have and I loved being referred out of the office to such a nice doctor! Hopefully, my energy will soon be back to normal and maybe I will finally stay on top of my laundry…yeah, right!

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Well Conor is still having LOTS of pain. It is normally tolerable in the morning when he wakes up but walking around adgetates it. He has a hard time picking Ethan up and even just walking around hurts after a little while. He will be going back to a doctor early tomorrow morning so hopefully we will find out more this week. Thankfully, our neighbor is going to mow our yard so we don’t get written up this week. He also helped diagnois us Betty.

Betty would be the name of Jeep. Bob, the Aveo, had to jump Betty several times in the last couple days so we are thankful that all we had to do was replace the battery. I didn’t really want that $138.00 anyway…

After 4 months, Ethan finally cut this gigantic molar. I have been trying to take a picture of it for a couple of days now. He is also sleeping in his big boy bed, a mattress on the floor, all the time now. Today was the first day he napped 2 naps on it. He is finally moving to the point where he doesn’t want to be in his crib. 

Ethan also LOVES Thomas the Tank. He has one train that he carries around with him. We also got him a Thomas movie at Target with 6 stories for $5. It is the perfect length for me to make dinner or shower! If I knew how to upload a movie I would show you how excited he gets when “choo choo” appears on the tv. He stamps his feet, points at the TV and screams “Choo Choo!” over and over! Conviently, Thomas comes on for one short (8 minutes) clip at 4:45 on Sprout. I am normally getting all my boys back from the pool right around then. That 8 minute clip is motivating for all of them to get out of the pool and hurry home! 

Me? I’m good. It is so hard to keep up with Ethan plus Ayden and Zach AND a sickly husband. I have been thinking of some fun crafts and things to do with Ethan and Zach when Ayden starts school next week. I am thinking of making it more of a structured time for both boys. Then it will be lunch and naps when Ayden gets home. My inner teacher wants to do crafty game all about colors and counting! I’m sure I will keep things posted on the blog! 

I started running again with the Couch to 5k program. I used to love to run but now it almost seems like more work to get out of the house. The first couple times I ran, it was so nice to get out ALONE for 30 minutes. Between Conor being home more right now and my neighbors, I am hoping to manage 30 minutes along just 3 times a week. 

Well, that is our crazy life! How is yours?

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Today we fixed the car and picked up/did laundry/etc. the standard for the day off. Conor still hasn’t been able to do much so the day was pretty relaxed. Here are some pictures from our day!

The French Toast was actually last nights dinner but it was SOOOO good! I actually made it like normal but baked it since homemade bread seems to soak up more egg than normal. I sprinkled brown sugar, cinnamon, melted butter and pecans on half. Then I laid the browned french toast on top. I baked it for 25 minutes and it was delicious!!

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Best Buds

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