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Blue Eyes

I have very blue eyes. 

I got them from my dad. I don’t do anything to make them look bluer BUT according to Ayden I must have eaten lots of blue foods to make them so pretty. I drew that conclusion after this lunch conversation:

Me: Ayden, what would you like for lunch?

Ayden:  Miss Amanda, you have very blue eyes. When I get big, I am going to get blue eyes too!

Me: You don’t just get new eyes! You are big, beautiful brown eyes. You should keep them.

Ayden: No, I want blue Iron Man eyes. 

Me: Ayden, Iron Man has brown eyes, his costume is blue. You can wear a blue shirt and still have brown eyes.

Ayden: No, I want blue eyes like you.

Me: But Zachy and Mommy and Daddy and Conor and Max all have brown eyes and Ethan has hazel!

Ayden: But you have blue eyes.

Me: Ayden, God gave  you your brown eyes. How are you going to get blue eyes?

Ayden: I am going to eat blue food. Like my Fruit by the Foot and blue popsicles. 

Me: So if you eat Fruit by the Foot and popsicles you will get blue eyes?

Ayden: No Miss Amanda! You have to eat blueberries and cereal too.

Me: Oh really? I had no idea.

He was totally serious, like he was thinking of this for days! Too funny!


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Big Boy Bed!

Ethan has been sleeping in the big boy bed at work for over a month. He figured out he could climb out of the pack n play there not too long ago. I decided that if I found a bed, we would take down the crib at home. Thanks to Ayden, we had an extra mattress Ethan had occasionally been sleeping on on the floor for the past month or so but we decided it was time to make the switch!

 I had looked at Once Upon a Child and a few other places because I really didn’t want to spend more than $50.00. I was actually getting rather frustrated because I wanted a simple bed and could find NOTHING in my price range. Then yesterday, I got lost! Like, hardcore, never heard of the town I was seeing on the signs, kind of lost. I had taken a backroad between Ayden’s school and the park we were meeting some friends at. Apparently, the sign to turn on the highway was knocked down and I ended up in Moncks Corner. *All the signs said Whitesville which I had NEVER heard of. 

Well, it must have been a sign for me to get lost because I went to turn around at this shop and saw A BLUE RACECAR BED! I originally wanted a wood one but I immediately fell in love with it. It was a little scratched so I was hoping I could use that to barter down the price. I jumped out and asked how much it was. The overly friendly old man said fifty bucks! I was so excited. I looked it over a little more and let Zach and Ethan jump on it a little while I tried to figure out how to fit it into my car. I decided I would just come back with Conor later without Ethan. Thankfully, 6 hours later the bed was still there. Even though the people really didn’t want to come down in price, I still got the bed for $50! The cheapest I have seen one on craigslist is $100! We set it up and Ethan was in heaven. He slept pretty well on it last night and is currently napping in it right now!


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…they might punk you by pretending they got your husband arrested.

What? Are you a tad confused? Let me start at the beginning.

The very beginning is starts with Clark is moving to Groton, CT. This is very sad because Clark is one of Conor’s funniest friends. I HOPE we see him in Guam but who knows, it’s the Navy! Anyway, Clark really likes my chicken pot pie. I wanted to make him a meal before he left so I make chicken pot pie, corn from the cob and a pudding pie. It was a very nice dinner, very comical, exedra, exedra. The boys (Clark, Coulson and Conor) then went out to hang out in Clarks cool Jeep. It didn’t have the doors on plus it has a lift kit. I love it and now so does Ethan, but that is for a different post! Then I went for a walk with Katie.

Katie had brought her double stroller so found on Navy Trash Day so I could pushBraelyn, who I was watching tonight. It was a long walk because Ethan SCREAMED most of the way. We even moved him back into his own stroller but nothing helped. Needless to say, when we turned up my hill, I was a little nervous to see the security guys parked in front of my house. 

I was hoping they were just telling Clark to move his jeep off the grass but when I turned into the driveway, the officer told Conor to get out of the jeep. He grabbed Conor’s wrist and started putting handcuffs on him. I don’t remember exactly what he said but I remember asking what happened. The officer said “Distributing to a minor.” 

Me: “Distributing WHAT to a minor?!”

Officer: “Beer”

If I would have been thinking clearly, I would have realized we don’t have beer and Coulson/Clark would NEVER drink at our house. We have talked about it before. I was too busy watching my life slowly crumble before my eyes. 

Instead, I proceeded to scold Clark and Coulson: “Why the Fuck were you drinking at my house!?” 

Then I stomped towards the house, thinking of how I was going to get Conor out of jail. My heart hasn’t raced that fast EVER.

Then “Amanda, we are joking.” 

I almost pasted out. I was seriously so thankful. Instead of jumping or shrieking with excitement, what do I do?  Hit Clark like 10 times! I had a feeling he had something to do with this. I was right too, he knew the security guard. Apparently, if I had looked at anyone else other than Conor, who could have won an Emmy with his look of shame while in cuffs, I would have seen smiles. 

Then everyone was laughing but my heart was still beating so fast. They then joked I could be arrested for assault!  I don’t think anyone thought my reaction was going to be that awesome. Clark and Coulson continued to apologize for the rest of the night. I wish they would have video taped it, I could have won some money on America’s Funniest Home Videos!! 

I am not mad, I think it is good to laugh every once in a while. I do give Katie props because she was just as mad as me as I stormed towards the house. I did shriek when the boys told me it was a joke and it scared the living shit out of Ethan but other than that, no one was injured…too bad =)

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Looking Forward

After my recent post about my increased frustration lately, I decided I needed to write some goals to keep me busy for the next couple months. Somethings to look forward to…

  1. Weeding out my game/wrapping paper/coat/pampered chief closet.
  2. I’m starting MOPS tomorrow! I am very excited!! They meet every other Tuesday and they didn’t care if I brought Zach with me.
  3. After Christmas, Conor and I will begin potty training Ethan! Right now, we are pre potty training. Basically just setting him on it when we go and before he takes a bath. I was going to start sooner since he tells be when he is dirty but we are going to be busy with the Holidays and Conor going back to school.
  4. Scouring for super amazing deals on Christmas Presents. It may seem early but I am getting good at clearance shelves, adds and coupons. I may have gotten my favorite almost 2 year old a Thomas Hoodie for $2 bucks today. (originally 10!) It keeps me busy, I love doing it and I don’t spend more than $10 a week! 
  5. The Navy Ball! Oct 19th! Anytime a girl can get all dressed up is awesome.
  6. Making letter games and fall decorations with Ayden, Zach and Ethan. Also, the annual pumpkin patch trip!

Lots of things to keep me, us, busy and distracted!!!

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Today was the free Chick-Fil-A sandwich day and since my family loves Chick-Fil-A, we donned our Husker Gear and headed out.  When we sat down I remembered the only problem with the chicken sandwich is it comes with pickles! I hate pickles! I hated them even more when I was pregnant and the increased aversion never went away. I opened my sandwich and sure enough, 3 icky pickles were seeping their juices into my bun. Disgusted, I looked at Conor. He just handed me his top bun and switched out my nasty pickle bun. He ate two pickle buns while I ate two bun tops. Yep, he loves me THAT much!

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Splish Splash

Today we went to the sprinkler park since it is going to be closing soon! (at least during the week) I got some cute pictures of Conor and Ethan. Conor had never even been to one of our favorite place!!!




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