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We took Ethan to Marrington Plantation here on base so I could mess around with my camera and its settings. This is my favorite picture I think I have ever taken. I loved it the moment I took it but then I came home and fiddled with the settings and now I love it even more!! Thoughts?






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Not Me Monday!

This past weekend, I was definitely not too busy thinking about the Navy Ball to notice Ethan hurting his arm. He would never be unsupervised long enough in his new playroom to perhaps fall off the couch or wrestle Ayden or Zach while I was showering. No, definitely not me! I always wake up before Ethan to get a shower in. 

And if Ethan had injured his arm on Thursday or Friday, I most definitely would have believed him when he told me owie the first time! I didn’t shrug it off to growing pains or anything like that. 

It was definitely not me, who, while rushing off to abandon let Ethan sleepover for the first night away from me, called for 3 different opinions from trained medical professionals, aka my mom, grandma and best friend, just so I could have a great time at the ball. 

I also didn’t completely forget about the injury while dancing the night away with my super, sexy sailor man! (Pictures to come when I can find my camera) I would never forget about an injury that was randomly causing my son pain for one minute at a time. 

When I was reminded of the injury after an uneventful morning and peaceful nap by an “Owie Mama! Owie!” and called the oncall number on base, I would never have exaggerate the pain so they would call me back with a referral faster. I  would NEVER do something like that JUST to ensure he would still make it to bed on time. 

After a nurse called me FIVE HOURS later, I would not have freaked out on her and the offices NEW FREAKIN SYSTEM. I am a cool, calm and collected mom.  It would also NEVER be like me to freak out at the lady on the appointment line this morning after being on hold for 20 minutes only to be told, the earliest we could be seen is 3:30. 

Ethan has a bowed bone (still waiting to confirm that) and I would never have kicked myself in the butt for being a tad bit of a slacker parent seeing as how I have NO IDEA how he actually got hurt. I also pay very close attention when the doctor talks so I TOTALLY know what the next step is in his healing process. 

None of this would ever happen in my house…nope, never! If you want to read more of what NEVER happens to other people click here!

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Have you seen many dogs do this? 


No, the small child and even smaller dog did not chew their way out of this kennel. That would be Max, this lovely dog…

…so apparently I don’t have a picture of Max on this computer. So imagine a sweet, golden colored retreiver/hound/random short dog mix. Apparently, Max doesn’t like to be confined. He was left alone in this kennel for an hour and this happened. Everyone was shocked, especially by neighbor Brea and she TRAINS dogs for a living!

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VTech Giraffe!

Several weeks ago, I participated in a Twitter Party and was lucky enough to win this for Ethan! I wasn’t sure how big it was going to be because I haven’t seen it is stores. I was excited when it arrived in only a week. Conor and Ethan quickly assembled it…



(Never mind the fact that in the 7 minutes it took to assemble the giraffe, Ethan somehow took off is pants…he was wearing a diaper!)


After the lovely 7 minutes of assembly and a tad bit of confusion on how that green part (pictures above) clipped on (look at the box when assembling, lol) it was finally time to let Ethan climb on!



Ethan loved it! He uses it mainly as a seat right now because he can’t quite pedal. He can reach them but can’t push them down. The buttons are very easy to push…


…and we love that their are so many animals to choose from! Zach, the 2 year old I nanny, is loving the pedaling and chasing the animals. That game is definitely the most frequently playing in our house.

My personal favorite part is the ABC song. It is a relatively slow version of the song with clear letters that flash on the screen. The main negative is I can’t find a volume control. I wish it had a quieter setting but other than that we love it! In fact, I love the whole “keep kids active” idea. I personally think getting out and playing in the park or going for a bike ride would be the ideal situation for healthy activity but I know not everyone does that. This line of toys is setting a good message and we are thinking of getting Ethan the “weights” so he can use his instead of mine when we work out!!

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