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I just thought I would throw that out there! I love Christmas decorations, music, teaching the reason for the season to Ayden, Advent Calendars, Lights and the list goes on and on. I love being Mrs Claus and the fact that Conor is Santa. (Hope no small children read this!) I love Christmas morning and I can’t wait to see Ethan’s reaction this year. I am excited that my family is coming and that they are bringing the traditional prime rib because I have no idea how to pick one of those out. I am thrilled my brothers finally get to see where I live! I love that Conor is getting into the spirit of things. He even drive all the ways to James Island  to see some REALLY awesome Christmas lights last night!

Yep! I love Christmas!


PS Anyone have a good suggestion for a Nativity that Ethan can actually play with? Both of ours are breakable…not that it stops Ethan from trying to grab the “baby!”


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I’ve been messing a bit with my camera and Ethan just wasn’t having it so Wyatt stepped up and modeled during Ethans nap!

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Ethan discovered recently that he LOVES pie…pretty self explanatory!


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Of course I am thankful for the typical things…family, friends, a healthy husband and son. I’m thankful I have food on my table, a roof over my head, a safe car to drive and a job. I have more than enough “stuff” and enough love that I know it overflows to the people who surround me. I think/hope most people are thankful for all those things and today is just one day, of many, that we should be thankful for all those things!

Today, I couldn’t help but me most thankful for traditions. Last night, while finding any excuse to use my new mixer, Ethan and I whipped up two pies. Then I cut off the extra dough, sprinkled on some sugar and cinnamon, then rolled it up. Ethan was so excited because I let him roll it out, sprinkle most of the stuff and then he put the rolls on the pan. We danced out to our holiday music while getting everything ready for today. When the oven finally dinged that our roll up things were done, we filled glasses with milk and sat together at the table, eating our creation. It was awesome. Not only because Ethan and I shared this baking moment (lol!) but because I remember my grandma making these for me and then my mom. We LOVED them and so did Ethan. (Even though I am convinced it took my grandma an entire pie crust to feed all of us grandkids. No one has that much “extra” dough!)

The Christmas music and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade/Dog Show are all things that makes the holiday special. I replicated everything I knew my family was doing back home. Sure, I wanted to be home but it wasn’t homesickness. I started making the traditions with Ethan and it truly overwhelmed me! Even Conor busted a move to Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Neil Diamond version, of course)! I’m sure some things will be adapted to make our own traditions but somethings never change. I am thankful for traditions and the family that helped me create and continue them!!

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The light…

For the past 2-3 days, my sweet little Ethan has been making a few appearances! I couldn’t be happier about it!!! He has been trying to play games with me (hide and seek…kind of) and has even been trying to play jokes (tapping me on the shoulder and hiding) It has been so amazing!

Tonight, Gryph came over so his family could go out and celebrate Jon finishing comp and the boys played so nicely! Ethan showed Gryph how to feed Milo and put away placemats. (Ethans’ chores!) Then he showed Gryph how to drive his new-to-us remote control ladybug (pictures to come later!) and monster truck. At one point I heard Gryph scream, I turned the corner to see Ethan sign “sorry” and hug him WITH OUT ME TELLING HIM! They solved a problem by themselves!!!!!!

Ethan is just getting so big and smart!! I can’t believe he is 20 months. If nothing else, I am happy the clouds have parted and I saw my sweet boy again for a couple of days!!

(It looks like he is pretending to smile but really he is saying cheese!)

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There are SO many “choo choo’s” out there. I can’t believe how much most of them cost! Those awesome Thomas trains are completely ridiculous. Who pays $90 for a simple circle track? I am not going to lie, I spent $6 on one train. Ethan LOVES “Choo Choo’s” and those are the only ones they sell at the NEX. They are convenient, durable and portable. Some make noise but most do not. Ethan really loves them but I knew that if he got a whole bunch he was just going to want tracks eventually. We can not afford that! So I started looking around. We found GeoTrax and after reading reviews, that is what we decided on! I know Ethan will be stoked when he opens up his Christmas gift and sees a big train, just for him!

The best part? At Toys R Us today, we found the starter set, normally $50, on sale for $15 for a short sale! Totally in my budget and I was so excited! When I brought it home to show Conor, he LOVED it! I can’t wait for Christmas morning. I picture Ethan, Conor, Chris, Ben and my dad all lying around on the living room floor playing trains! So excited!

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