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Navy Trash Day

I am not sure if people on all bases do this or just our base but people just put stuff they don’t want on the curb. Most of time they have just upgraded and the item still works, other times it is just trash! Anyway, a day or two before our trash guy comes, people put their random stuff out and people drive around and pick up what they want!

At first. I was really apprehensive to pick up peoples trash. I know the saying “one persons trash is another persons treasure” but there is still something weird about taking it. Some people drive around at night and pick stuff up. I normally see things when I am walking in the evenings. If I really want them, I go back after my walk and pick them up. A few times I just carry it or tuck it under the stroller. It is truely amazing some of the things people throw away!

I painted this table and chair (I picked them up separately)  to match.

But I picked up my absolute favorite Navy Trash Day souvenir just the other day…a TRAIN TABLE!

See that little torn corner? Totally repairable.

On one of the legs there is a little sharpie. Totally ignorable.

See all those cars on awesome new table? Totally perfect!

We really love this addition to our patio, it keeps Ethan busy and he isn’t actually playing on the patio floor.

Best part? It was completely and totally free!


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…what we ate yesterday at Grandma’s.





Why yes, it tasted as amazing as it looks.

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One day they are going to be as big at their shadows! (Ethan was patting Gryph on the back…not pushing him!!)

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Making Bread

I LOVE to bake, especially with Ethan! This week, we made challah bread! He doesn’t really like messes so he had a hard time getting into the kneading bread thing. Eventually he figured out how fun it was. (Coincidently, that same day he decided playdoh was an acceptable toy and has been playing with it every day since!)

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Signs of Spring

Ethan and I went for 2 walks this past week. This is what I captured the first walk:

(I took like 50 more but have been working on deleting the ones I don’t REALLY want before they even go onto the computer)

The pictures above just LOOK cold to me but the next day this is what we spotted:

Spring must be right around the corner…I knew that dang Groundhog was wrong!

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Yeah…it did. ALOT. Last friday. Most people were doubtful but we were all excited for the possibility of snow!  I was at work and Ayden’s teacher had talked to his class about snow so it was on his mind all evening. We kept checking out the window but nothing was happening. Finally, it started to drizzle. I was talking to Sharon, staring at the drizzle, wishing she was home or it would snow so we could do something new. I looked at my jeep from their upstairs window and noticed the windshield was starting to fill with slush.

“Could this really be happening?!”

Sure enough it started snowing! It was slow at first but it snowed all night and when we woke up, we had 6 inches on the ground! Charleston hadn’t had significant snow in over 20 years! I am so happy we got to be apart of it!

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Lightroom 2 is becoming quite fun to me. I got a book by Scott Kelby and I really need to start from the beginning and go through it step by step. Instead, I’ve been flipping through it, just messing around. I’m sure on our awesome 2 week vacation, I will be able to fiddle a little more with everything too!



One of my recent edits…Its going to be on the header of my new blog called Stolen From the Neighbor coming to the internet near you SOON! It is going to be a colabrative blog, where people can submit their favorite new ideas they have “stolen.” I’m very excited for it! I’ll post the link for you soon!

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