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Not Me Monday!

This is NOT the first post I have written in a month and I am definitely NOT writting it because I DON’T want to fold the 3 loads of laundry sitting on my bed. I DID NOT strategically put the clothes on my bed yesterday to hide them from the guest at the baby shower. I most definitely DID NOT move the clothes from my bed to the couch and back again this morning. It would definitely be easier to just fold the clothes and put them away then to make all those trips to and from down the hall!

I also NEVER bribe my child into eating all of his dinner on a regular basis by letting him wear this:


I also DIDN”T loose my child long enough that I texted my neighbors to see if Ethan was in their carports. After searching every room, twice, I most definitely DID NOT find him in his dads office. He definitely knows better than that! And of course, I definitely corrected the behavior and wouldn’t have said “Don’t move while I go get the camera!”

“Who does that?”

And finally, when looking up patterns to make an “E” cape that doesn’t involve my child to change clothes everytime he wants his cape to fly, I definitely DID NOT stick my child in front of Caillou so I could look in peace!!

If you want to read more exciting things people DID NOT do, go check out Mckmama for Not Me Monday!


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Here is a clue:

Yep! My next weekend off, we are going to be attempting to potty train Ethan! Good luck us =)

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