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Tonight I had a moment out of a book.
The ‘I’ll love you forever’ book.
One of my favorite.

Ethan fell out of bed a while ago so I went in to tuck him back in. He looked confused so I ask him if he wanted me to rock him. He didn’t really respond so I picked my 33 lb baby with his blankies and we rocked. We rocked and we rocked and we rocked. His eyes quickly shut but I just kept rocking.
I didn’t want to stop; my mind was flooding with memories of this exact situation. Me rocking my baby boy. The very first day he came home from the hospital kept running through my mind. Our itty bitty apartment was filled to the brim with people so excited to see Ethan at home. He needed to eat so our tiny family snuck off to Ethans room/office/storage room (it was a small apartment!) to nurse him.
He ate and then I wrapped him in his blankie and we rocked. We rocked and we rocked and we rocked. I couldn’t stop staring at my 7 lb 6 oz baby boy.
My heart was flooded with all the times I rocked Ethan and his blankies while we nursed, when he was sick or just because he wanted 12 stories before bed.
I know that all too soon I won’t be rocking him so I will rock him while I can and take the moments in, trying not to get too emotional about it all! It was a very special night for me tonight, I know I will sleep well, even if I have to rock him 4 more times tonight!

Edited to add: We all slept til 8! That little bit of rocking must have helped everyone!


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I’m attempting to participate in the Momalom Five for Ten Event and the first topic of the five is titled “Courage.”

Hmmm,I could write about the time I moved across the country to a state I’d never visited or when I moved to Nebraska for college when 98% of my high school stayed in Iowa. I would write about the time in 7th grade when my little brother got dishwasher soap in his eyes and I almost called 911 and I freaked out but still took control of the situation because I was babysitting. (Wow, even writing that I got tense.)

Instead, I am choosing to write about something scary. I had to step up, take a breathe and do what I had to do in the moment I needed to. What was this courageous, turning point in my life?

Taking my sons rectal temperature.

Yep, it was scary and nerve-racking. My grandma talked me through every moment of it. But I did it.

See, Ethan was only 20 or days old and he was feeling warm. I was certain he had RSV or pneumonia or something deadly .(even though he had never even coughed.) So in new, frantic mother fashion, I called my grandma crying. I was worried and my mom wasn’t answering. I opened the brand new thermometer and fancy rectal tips. I turned it on, took off his diaper and just shook. I didn’t want to hurt my baby boy. My grandma assured me he would be fine so I pulled back his legs and went in. Poor kid, screamed like I was killing him. I cried too. We were both one big puddle until I heard that “beep, beep!” I looked down, expecting to see 103.4 or some other awful number.

I knew I had achieved a new courage badge on my mommy vest when the whole rectal thermometer episode ended with a healthy 98.7 degrees.

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I had a really random thought Wednesday when we were taking our garbage out. Conor opened the trash can and informed me there was only one bag in it. I then looked down my street and 3 of the houses had cans outside their house with so much trash the can couldn’t close. I would call this normal for our street and I noticed it even more as I drove down the street. I was pretty grossed out at how much trash people had outside of their house, especially since a 3 person home is the biggest on my street right now. I know some weeks are party weeks, etc but bulging trash cans are not uncommon here EVERY WEEK!

I was mentioned it to some of my neighbors/friends who all said they wished we had recycling. I reminded them we have a recycling bin on base but you just have to drop it off. Then I got this response. “Well, if someone wants me to recycle then they should bring a truck to me. I shouldn’t have to take my recyclables somewhere.”


You go out every week, drive your car and buy things. Things with packaging. Most of the packaging is recyclable. So if you can go drive to buy the waste, you don’t think it is hard to drive  .5 miles to drop your stuff off that would half your waste? The laziness infuriates me! Everyday so much is wasted that is easily recycled. I’m not crazy who insisted that we recycle when out and take my recyclables home from friends house but I am home more often than not. So at home, we recycle.

There. I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest!

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I’ve totally meant to post this a while ago but I haven’t really been as good at blogging as I wanted to be. Anyway, two weeks ago, Ethan had his pediatric orthopedic appointment for this…

Yep…count them!

The second toe jumps up over the third toe most of the day.

According to the doctor, the tendon is either too short or too tight. We are supposed to tape his second and third toes together so they can’t go on top of each other. The thought it that we are stretching the tendon to prevent surgery. This was a snippet of our actual conversation with the doctor:

Doctor: Ok, well I think the best thing we can do for Ethan’s toe is to tape these two together. <insert demonstration>

Me: Ok, so that should stretch the tendon? So when do we need a recheck?

Doctor: Well, the earliest he could have surgery is 6 years old. So you will want to find a doctor to check his foot when he is 6-8.

Me: So just tape his foot every day?

Doctor:  Yep, don’t let him sleep in the tape. (Which means I have to put it on TWICE a day bc of nap)

Me: Ok, Twice a day til he’s 6…got it!

Doctor: Great, call me if you have any questions! (Throws me half a used roll of Ceflex tape)

Well, it didn’t take long for Ethan to grab the tape and wrap it around himself. I decided that since I was going to WRAP HIS FOOT TWICE A DAY TIL HE IS 6 OR 8 it was okay to go ahead and order the 12 pack of colorful tape from amazon. Ethan thinks the tape is pretty cool most day and LOVES picking out the color of the day.

Clearly tape has been a topic of conversation around here lately.

Frogs have been taped.

Best friends have been taped.

Everything’s been taped around here! Hopefully it is worth it and WRAPPING HIS FOOT TWICE A DAY TIL HE IS 6 OR 8 is totally worth it and he doesn’t have to have surgery!

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