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Right now

Right now the house is clean. The diapers are hanging, the floor is cleared and the dogs are sleeping. The dishwasher is running, Ethan is snoring and the laundry baskets are EMPTY. Conor is watching a movie in our room, (probably sleeping, who are we kidding) the cars are picked up and the sink is cleaned.

The house is still.

Such a change from 2 hours ago. Two hours ago, Ethan was screaming, the dogs were barking, dishes were overflowing onto the counter and it was impossible to take 3 steps without slipping on a car or dog bone. The diapers had been sitting in the washer so long they needed to be rewashed and my bread dough had been rising for  who knows how long.

The house was far from still.

I don’t know which way I like the house better. All day I try to keep it clean or make it clean but I really don’t know why. The mess is evidence of the fun we’ve had today. The kitchen was a disaster because I was teaching Ethan how to knead bread. The cars were everywhere because Ethan raced and had a parade with them. The dogs were crazy because thats just how they are after we went for a walk…which Conor got to go on tonight…because he is home!

Right now, however, I will soak up my still, clean house and brace myself for the fun/chaos/mess that tomorrow will bring.


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