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Happy Halloween!

I had an entire post written with pictures and its all gone once I hit publish.  

So frustrating.

I’ll try again tomorrow.


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It all started Friday morning. Ethan was sitting on the dining room chair, working on a fun puzzle he’s currently obsessed with. I was chatting on the phone and unloading the dishwasher in the kitchen when I heard a BAM, Whack, and nothing. No instant scream, I turned the corner to see Ethan taking one of those deep breathes before the loudest scream ever comes out. As soon as he let out the scream and I had picked him up, I realized this was NOT ok. I hung up the phone and ran him to the sink. Blood was pouring out and then I noticed his poor teeth were THROUGH his lip. I pulled his lip up to get his teeth unstuck (*gag) and grabbed some towels. I tried calling a neighbor since I knew we needed to go somewhere since his teeth went all the way through and thought someone might need to drive us while I held his lip. 

It seemed like forever but Conor got home (he has been getting home at 9:15am all week) and was able to calm Ethan down so I could at least hear the nurse telling me where to go. We got Ethan loaded into the car, the bleeding had slowed, and I drove to the urgent care. I’m skipping the nasty story involving a peppermint but you can call me if you REALLY want those details, lol! It took 3 nurses and the doctor but they were able to glue (the new stitches) his lip back together. They put him on an antibiotic since the mouth is such a germy place, especially with toddlers! We even made it to work/school only an hour late! 

After school, we went to Ethan’s buddy’s house. After a few hours of playing gently, we heading home, happy Ethan hadn’t bumped his face anymore. On the way to the jeep, what happened? Ethan trips over  crack in the driveway and busts up his knee! It was awful. Of course, he couldn’t just open a previously existing knee scab, he had to make a huge new gash on the top part of his knee. And, in perfect Ethan style, it was the more dramatic episode ever! 

Once he went to bed, I was definitely relieved my baby was safe in his cushioned room. Until 2 (remember Conor was working 8pm-8am when this happened) when Ethan woke me  up telling me his lip was bleeding. I sat straight up, assuming his had opened the wound. Nope! The poor kid had chewed his swollen lip open in his sleep. It was awful, I gave him more motrin and rubbed his back til he crashed again. THankfully, when he woke up the swelling was down and a few more more doses of motrin, he was back to his crazy self again!

As if that wasn’t enough blood, Sunday afternoon, Milo and Lucy were playing around when they got snappy. (Pretty typical for them) I didn’t think anything of it until I got up to get Ethan something to drink when I noticed blood EVERYWHERE. I screamed for Conor, who had JUST laid down, who cleaned up the blood while I figured out it was Milo’s back leg gushing blood. Milo’s blood doesn’t clot quickly so I was just praying it would stop without a trip to the vet! Thankfully, applying pressure for several minutes, stopped the blood.

Hopefully no one bleeds in this household for a VERY long time!

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Homeschool, Houseschool

I’m a teacher. I love to teach and I’m not lying when I say my very favorite thing in life is watching something “click” with a child. I love the moment when they “get it”. I love to teach kids (2nd grade is my favorite) and so naturally, teaching Ethan is fantastic. When I got to stay at home with him and nanny with him, I taught him TONS of things. We went out to explore constantly! Now that I am working those opportunities are limited. I typically work 10-6 and the evening I’m making dinner, laundry or laying on the couch exhausted!! I felt like I was gipping my baby boy because I HAD to work. At first it was a serious struggle balancing work and home. I remember texting my friend “I just abandoned my baby.” I struggle not only because its hard to balance and exhausting  but because the control freak in my wasn’t in charge of his learning. 

I’ve always been the parent with flashcards, using teaching supplies to make new games with Ethan, coloring and overall being crafty. I had been talking with Conor and since we both know I HAVE to work and Conor feels strongly against homeschooling, I’ve felt a little stuck. I was talking to my friend and she mentioned his cousin supplements education. She sends her kids to school but when they come home, she has a little bit more that challenges them. I love this idea of still having a say in a topic to devulge in at home or even just knowing where my child is when we move. Not everywhere we move will have the same standards and some places we move could have awful school systems. I can do more or less to help Ethan (and future babies!) stay on track with where Conor and I want him to be! 

Obviously Ethan is only in a preschool/tot school program. His school is fabulous for learning through exploring. They have dramatic play, all kinds of blocks, science and tons of art! He is starting to make friends there and his best friend Gryph started there a few weeks ago too. I love that he is doing all that but the room he is in doesn’t do letter or number identification, etc. I know my little man is ready and interested for letters and numbers. He is improving his scissor and glue skills and is always up for a challenge. 

I started clicking and clicking online until I came across Confessions of a Homeschooler and her fabulous Letter of the Week Curriculum. It was only $10 and I just print what I want/need as I want/need it. We focus our “Houseschool” as Ethan has been calling it, on about 20 minutes of activity. We started with “his” letter, E. I’m doing to start with the letters in his name and then going in order from a book I have from college. 

Here is some of what we did this week. 

(I’ll post more pictures later, WP won’t let me post them tonight =( )

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Lots has changed! 

Conor was sick and now mostly healthy and 1/2 done with Prototype. We should find out our orders my mid December. He works crazy shifts and we basically see him 2 weeks, don’t see him 2 weeks. I’m glad this part of time is going fast!

I got a job at the child development center. I am a lead teacher in the pretoddler (1-2 year olds) room. We are still trying to get pregnant, hoping and praying it happens before we get out to sea!

Ethan is totally potty trained and loving going to school! It only took 3 months for him to finally make a friend who he actually plays with in his room. I love that I can watch him play and check in on him all the time =)

We also got another puppy, Lucy. She is “Ethan’s dog” and a corgi/spitz mix. Beautiful dog who doesn’t need to be on a leash. As she gets closer and closer to one, she is getting better at being potty trained and chewing on things that aren’t hers. (The chair, the table, my clothes, sippy cups, etc) 

I’m hoping to blog more seeing as how I love to keep a record of things PLUS the next couple months will be bring lots of change and I love keeping people updated!

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