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These people…

All day at work, people kept asking if I was heading home for Thanksgiving. Obviously not, it was 5 o’clock on Wednesday. If I was heading home, I’d have left a day ago! Then they would throw in the “ooo, thats too bad.” Really? Are not 95% of you military?! Don’t you realize that not everyone is from North or South Carolina? It really boggled my mind for most of the afternoon that people kept bring this up. Sure, I was a little sad that I won’t be playing in the snow with the rest of the family while my grandma makes the most amazing turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy but I knew moving out here would mean missing things like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Birthday more often than not. It seriously wasn’t until 4:30 today that I was a teeny tiny bit sad about missing my family. 

Now, before you go thinking I’m heartless and yada, yada, yada, know that I do have plans for tomorrow. Conor has to sleep most of the day away so I’ve been really hyping up with Christmas Tree that we will be setting up in the morning. I plan on filling my house with Christmas magic for most of the day before heading over to Nora’s house for a fabulous feast. I’m bring the pies! This is my 3rd Thanksgiving in SC and the past 2 years I’ve cooked for friends. I have wonderful memories from each of them and know I’ll have more tomorrow!!

When we joined the military, the best advice I received was to make good friends so you feel at home where ever you are. I’ve definitely done that. These ladies are my sisters. I know I’ll be having Thanksgiving with family tomorrow, even if we don’t share the same last name.


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This just happened…

Ethan has been asleep for about 2 hours when I hear him whine. I go back there to see what’s wrong. I walk into the room to see Lucy laying in Ethan’s bed.*

Me: “What’s wrong Buby?

Ethan, with his eyes closed: “Its okay Mommy, I just didn’t want her to lay on my face”

Me: “She laid on your face?!”

Ethan: “I rolled like this (he turns to his side) and Lucy was on my face. Its okay, we’re** going back to sleep now.”

That was that. He rolled back over (the other way as to not roll into the dog), closed his eyes and went back to sleep. 

*Conor would kill me if knew Ethan had the dog in his bed, EVEN THOUGH I’m pretty sure Sweetie slept with him. (no, he doesn’t look at my blog unless I direct him to it)

**I’m calling the vet tomorrow to make sure we do everything in our power to have the dogs qualify for a 5 day quarantine if we get Guam. If I’m going to change everything in his little world, I’ll do everything that I can to make sure his 2 best buds will be with him.

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